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There is nothing worse than when an employer receives an overly generic resume. If yours falls into that category it may be time to make some major changes. Did you know you should be customizing each resume you send out to match he specific company and requirements? This tells an employer that you are serious not only about getting any job, but about working specifically for their company. Here are some things you should focus on when applying for a job.


Use keywords.

The first thing to do is match the skills you have to the requirements of the job. Then use the companies own language to describe what you’ve done. Sure, what you’ve already written is appropriate but companies glance at resumes for seconds at a time and it helps them to map it out for them. However, be very careful not to just pepper in words without making them fit the context of your resume.


Leave out irrelevant experience.

It sounds like common sense to leave out your hobbies or interests, but there is more than that to creating a customized resume. If you have information and skills that are completely irrelevant, don’t even bother including them in your resume. However, if something you’ve done in the past is complementary, feel free to leave it on.


Customize your accomplishments.

All job seekers today know that the real trick to resume success is replacing lists of duties with accomplishments. Include data that describes what you’ve done in terms of hours or money. When customizing your resume make sure that these items are directly related to the pain point of the company. This will make them take a second look.


Create a skills summary.

Lastly, don’t be afraid to create a skills summary. However, don’t put it at the top of your resume. You want to maximize the top of your resume for human eyes but a skills summary is to help when your resume is being searched by a computer. Keep it as the last thing in your resume so it doesn’t look like clutter to the recruiter or resume reviewer. If they have gotten this far, it is a very good sign.


Do you want to create a stellar resume to grab an employers attention?


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