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Hiring for skills is only part of the process when bringing on a new employee. You also need to ensure that they will be a good fit with your existing team and uphold your corporate values. So how do you go about finding a candidate who will be a good fit with your company culture? Here are some things to keep in mind when reviewing resumes and interviewing job seekers.


Train managers on the company values.

You may not be the only person interviewing new candidates so you need to make sure that your entire management staff is on the same page. Make sure that your managers are kept up to date on your company values so they can also spot individuals who are a good fit and effectively communicate them.


Communicate your values to candidates.

Speaking of communication, the most essential way to get to the bottom line is to actually talk about it. Let them know what your company culture is like and ask them what kind of environment they are looking for. See if you can determine there is a match with your values.


Look at how their behaviors reflect their values.

There are three things you can do to determine how their behaviors reflect their values: behavioral interview questions, references, and social media review. Ask them questions about how they handled certain situations that would come up frequently in your business. Conduct the references thoroughly. And, as a final step, review all of their public social media to see if there is anything that raises a red flag. However, be cautious about using this as hiring criteria since it is still a legal gray area.


Use an employee referral program.

Lastly, the best way to hire people who fit into your office culture is to go to the source right in your own company. Ask your employees to refer professionals the feel would be a good fit within the environment. Good people refer good people so it may be an untapped resource for your hiring needs.


Are you ready to make a hiring decision that will impact the future success of your company?

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