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Job interviews are not one way conversations in spite of popular belief. While the candidate does need to sell their skills to your company you also need to demonstrate why they want to take the job. If you want your top candidate to accept the job offer when you make it you must develop the best sales strategy to demonstrate that you’re the right company to work with. So how can you pitch your available job to the candidate in the interview? Here are a few tips to get you started.

Make the position compelling.

Why does this person want to work for your company rather than any of your competitors? This is important for selling your job to the best candidates. Tell them about your company culture, the team with whom they’ll be working, and potential for growth. Don’t forget to mention benefits and perks that go above and beyond the salary.

Describe potential for future growth.

Speaking of potential for growth, employees want to be loyal to companies but they need to know what the future holds. Of course, there is always a process and procedure and the candidate should also know that they won’t get a promotion in the first 90 days, but there is room for career development at every step.

Share your company’s success stories.

Talk about things that make your company unique. Share the things that have made you successful. There is power in storytelling. If you want potential employees to connect with your company as a potential place to hang their career hats, share the stories that will give them a sense of place. Be personable and engaging.

Describe your company culture.

The last critical component to pitching a position is to ensure that the company culture is a match for their expectations. A straight-laced, procedure oriented candidate may not feel at home in a casual innovative environment. Talk about the culture of your company, the personality types of your current team, and why they might be a match.

Are you ready to pitch your company to top candidates?

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