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Are you trying to take your career to the next level? Entry level positions are just one step on the career ladder. At some point you need to break that mold and apply for senior positions to advance your career. Is the preparation for these positions different? If so, how should you go about preparing for the application and the interview process? Here are some thoughts to get you started.

Position your current experience.

You may come from a small office or have only entry level experience but that doesn’t mean you haven’t learned things that will be a benefit to the new company. Learn how to sell your skills to take advantage of career growth with a new company. Find out the pain points they’re seeking to solve with this open position and match your skills.

Discuss your long term goals.

No one wants to stay in an entry level position. If you want to grow there is a possibility that you need to change environments to do that. Without talking poorly about former employers or managers discuss your long term goals and why you feel that this specific position is best for you.

Never discuss your previous salaries.

Contrary to the belief of many job seekers, you do not have to disclose your previous salary or provide W2s to be considered for a new job. Your old salary doesn’t have much bearing on your new job if the standards are different. Instead, use a website such as to determine what is common for that job in your area.

Be realistic about your expectations.

Lastly, don’t expect that you can jump from an entry level IT support position to being the CIO of a fortune 500 company. Your skills have a place but be sure to match them with the right company and the right next level job. What is your career goal? Where do you see yourself in 10 years? Look for the next level and shoot for that.

Do you want to take your career from entry level to the next step?

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