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When you’re interviewing there are very few things you can know for certain about a candidate. For instance, how can you be sure that the candidate is truly interested in working with your company and competent in the skills they’ve claimed? It is easy to test for the latter, but employee loyalty is a very different thing. While no measure is absolutely there are ways that you can gain insight into the candidate’s commitment level and the personality traits that would make them a more loyal employee. Here are some things to consider.


Review their relationships with past employers.

Start by looking at the length of time they’ve stayed with any one employer. While job hopping doesn’t always happen for negative reasons it can be a starting point for determining the candidate’s overall commitment level. Habitual job hopping may indicate a red flag when it comes to their loyalty to an employer.


Their honesty is refreshing even if it isn’t in your favor.

A “yes” person doesn’t always mean that someone is loyal to their boss. Someone who simply says yes all the time, even to really bad ideas, probably doesn’t have much of a stake in the overall success of the job. Someone who is truly loyal is going to be honest about things that could end in disaster but they will be able to offer viable alternatives. Ask them how they would react to a situation where they believed you weren’t acting in the best interest of the company.


They don’t create drama for drama’s sake.

Airing dirty laundry in a public setting can be a problem for managers and employees alike. If someone is prone to drama or is challenged by other people on the team this will be someone who would be toxic to the company in the long run. Ask the candidate how they would handle a problem in the office with you or with a coworker. You want to understand how discrete they would be in discussing sensitive information and avoiding office drama.


They are supportive of the company.

A loyal employee is genuinely invested in the success of the organization, not just their personal gain and the use of the experience as a stepping stone. In most cases this means being supportive of the company overall. They will participate in organized activities, provide creative ideas and innovation, and do what they can to be part of the environment. Talk to them about how they’ve fit in with previous companies and what kind of company culture they like to work in.


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