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When you send your resume to a job posting, especially online, you can’t really guarantee that it will be read. However, there are things that will make it more likely to catch the eye of the recruiter and hiring manager. It is important to avoid the things that will send your resume directly to the trash. Here are four things you should make sure you don’t include on your resume to improve your chances of getting a call back.


Major Errors

When you are finished with your resume proofread it multiple times. Read it forward. Then read it backward. Then ask a friend or family member to read it. A misspelled word or a huge grammatical mistake can be the absolute death knell for a resume. Look for missing words that your brain might fill in so you don’t notice they’re missing, but a hiring manager will. Writers are always their own worst editors so don’t trust yourself on the first or second pass.


Too Much Information

You’ve heard the expression TMI when you or someone you know has shared just a little too much information for polite company. Keep this in mind when you’re writing your resume as well. Don’t include information that is clearly irrelevant to the job. This is especially true with things that might cause unintentional discrimination such as your age or your marital or parental status. If you have a hobby that you are particularly proud of you can include it only if you think it might make you stand out as an applicant or if it can relate to the job for which you’re applying in some way.


Poor Formatting

If your resume is simply hard to read it will be tossed aside before they even have a chance to review the content. Large blocks of text are confusing for the eye so avoid it. Use bullets to separate information on your resume. Use bold or italics to highlight certain information such as the company name or your job title. Use easy to read fonts and avoid anything in a script, even for your name at the top of the page.


No Contact Information

Finally, the most important thing to make sure you include on your resume is your correct contact information. There is nothing more frustrating to a recruiter or hiring manager than trying to call a candidate who appears to fit the bill for the job and not being able to reach them. Include your phone number as well as a city and state, even if you don’t want to provide an actual address. Most companies are sourcing local candidates so this information will be important.


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