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You may be leaving because you’re unhappy with your current management team. You may be leaving because you no longer feel challenged in your role. Or you may be leaving because life circumstances have changed for you. Whatever the reason, your current employer may ask you to participate in an exit interview to learn more. Before you talk to them during the transition you should know what to expect and what your obligations are in the process.


Questions about the company’s performance.

The company will probably want to know what you would do to improve the company overall. They want to see if there was anything they can do or could have done to prevent your resignation. Don’t be overly negative but provide as much constructive criticism as you feel comfortable with. Your feedback will be used to improve the company.


Questions about your comfort level learning the job.

They may want to know how comfortable you were with certain aspects of the job. They want to see if you felt like you had all the right tools to be successful and felt that you were comfortable and familiar enough with your own job duties to be effective in the job. This can be important for them to determine if they have any gaps in their training programs.


An opportunity to ask for constructive criticism.

Just as they’ve asked for constructive criticism of your experience in their employment, take this time to ask them about things that you could improve as an employee. This will give you a chance to take this feedback and use it to enhance your own professional image and skills for the future.


Your requirements as an exiting employee.

The most important thing to know about an exit interview is that you are not required to participate in any way if you don’t feel comfortable talking to your employer about your experience. You are able to decline the discussion and don’t feel like there will be negative repercussions of your decision. Some companies ask a third party, such as a business consultant, to provide these interviews. This may make you more comfortable with the process.


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